Ordered a Part of eBay.

2021.10.27 18:46 TTVBillyBonked Ordered a Part of eBay.

So I posted recently about my screen cracking and having to buy replacements. Thanks to a user I was able to find the product number for the screen I need. But, this seller seems shady now saying that I need some other number that I don't have and if they can't find a match with the product I bought and my laptop they will take back the product give me a refund and charge me for reshelving or something. (It's blisscomputers fyi) I think I got scammed, but I have a slight hope that I didn't. The only reason why I went on eBay was due to the fact that no actual sellers had any in stock that could be delivered within the next week. As I do need this laptop for classes and work in college. What should I do if it just comes to be a scam and I don't get the part needed?
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2021.10.27 18:46 The_other_me_here Why

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2021.10.27 18:46 Hollowpages Question: What Quality of Life Changes Would You Like to See?

Hey folks! I had a general question I'd love to ask the community, if anyone's open to offering their thoughts: what are some quality of life improvements you hope to see in any potential DLC/updates for the game?
I don't solely mean just in the sense of adding more levels or Pokémon, although those are certainly valid things to hope for, I feel. There's a few things I'd love to see, personally, and while it's unlikely any of them may happen, I wanted to share regardless.
1) Updates to the Park: I touched on this briefly in a different thread, but, in terms of the first update, while I'm happy with what it added to the game overall, I'm not entirely fond of the Side Path. One of the things I dislike about the Side Path is that you have to replay it every single time in order to access certain Pokémon at the very end when you're normal-sized again because there isn't an easy way to skip through to the end. I'll admit that replaying the shrunken portion just isn't as fun to me; you can't really turbo through it (especially in the daytime route when Dodrio constantly cuts you off), nothing ever changes since it has only a single 'level' to it, and to me personally, I find the shrunken down aesthetic to be a little too limiting for really good photos that I myself am happy with.
I would love to see them fix this by adding in alternate paths to the Park through which we can access the Pokémon present only in the Side Path without having to TAKE the Side Path. During the daytime, that means Sylveon, Torterra, Shroomish, and Snorlax (and more Pidgeot), and for the nighttime, that means Foongus mostly (although it would be cool to see them add Pikachu, Eevee, more interactions with Tangrowth at night, and Snorlax, too). Granted, I recognize this causes an issue since if they DID do that, it would render the Side Path kind of... well, pointless, I suppose. But that leads me to...
2) Tweaking the Side Path: I, for one, would love if they expanded the Side Path by adding an additional level (or two) to both day and night, but also by adding more depth to what happens in terms of where you can go and what photos you can take. I get the sense the shrinking mechanic was added in as a means of throwing in an additional way for us to take photos of Pokémon, and going off the game, it feels like they're going to have another shrunken outing in the future. It feels rough and unpolished in a way, in the sense that they were testing the waters with the concept (that's how I take it, anyways). That's fine and dandy, but, it could use some work, and I believe having more to do would really benefit the level to make it less... tedious, I suppose.
My personal gripes with the Side Path are that it feels too limited in what we can do as far as photos go, it feels slow, and having to redo the same thing all the time is a bit taxing. I think adding in a second level where the Pokémon interactions are different would help to mitigate some of this - for starters, I would assume they wouldn't have Dodrio slowing down your progress in the daytime, and they could also offer in more unique opportunities for the various Pokémon that we can find in the Park by mixing up who we can photo during which time it is.
For example, during the daytime on a second level, maybe we could get photo chances for Caterpie, Murkrow, Pinsir, Combee, Vespiquen, or more for Pidgeot since those Pokémon are typically more active during the night. Likewise, the nighttime level two could add in some opportunities for Taillow, Wurmple, Heracross, Comfey, and Florges. In essence, it would be like what they do with Lycanroc in the Badlands: they add chances for Midnight Lycanroc to the day stage and Day Lycanroc chances to the night stage. I'd love a chance to be able to, perhaps, go through the trees and stumble onto a nest of Taillow sleeping for a really good 4 Star shot, or maybe a 4 Star opportunity where we can snap a group of Caterpie and Wurmple getting along with one another.
As far as what I mean by it being 'limited,' I recognize it could just be a me thing, but, I feel that the angle we're at throughout the Side Path doesn't allow for good shots; we're either too close to the Pokémon, or, we're far enough to get a decent shot yet the angle we're posed at makes things awkward. I, personally, would not mind being small in size if it meant I could get a really strong photo of a Pokémon where they aren't super close and where you can get a good photo dead-on without any awkward angles.
3) Adding More to the Research Camp: The Research Camp as a whole is another stage I feel is a bit on the lacking side as far as potential goes. While I appreciate the fact there are two routes we can take, the stage feels... restricted. So, I think adding another level to both routes would add some depth to it, especially if it allowed for the behaviors to change up and for more Pokémon to make an appearance. One idea I had was to have a nighttime stroll as a stage for the Camp where you can walk around and snap photos of the Pokémon doing things at night. Another idea could be that you can take a walk through the surrounding woods area instead and interact with Pokémon that maybe live in the surrounding area, and this in turn would be great to incorporate more opportunities for the Pokémon that could use some love - I imagine a tree with Starly nests, or a grassy area where several Sudowoodo are in a pose-off at who makes the best tree, or a den where you can lure out Rattata by throwing some fluffruit nearby. Also, what's up with the meadow pattern Vivillon; it shows up in the tutorial and on the starting screen, but it's nowhere to be seen in the stage proper... what gives?).
I think the Research Camp needs an expansion since there is a limited number of photo choices for the various Pokémon present, excluding Pikachu, truth be told. Adding more to what we can do would help with that since I don't envision them allowing you to make two loops around instead of one. And, again this could be a 'me' thing, but I kind of think it would be nice to be able to select the Research Camp from the stage select screen - that way we can choose which route we'd like to take rather than having to go back and forth to change up the route we want to use. Might make it easier, you know?
4) Adding New Routes to Existing Courses: Another possible idea, which kind of goes alongside the previous two points, would be the possibility of them adding more routes into the courses that we have already (as opposed to just more stages in general). Not as shrinking sections, but, just as normal paths we can pick where we have additional chances to snap photos of Pokémon interactions in the environment, or adding in other Pokémon from other stages, rather than purely putting new Pokémon into the game for new levels alone.
Here's a rough example: what if we gain a good-sized path in the Park where you can go up the river to the other side of the island - you can have a section where there's a big dam home to a few Bibarel that hang out with their Bidoof babies, and then then the next section you enter a wooded area where you come across Wurmple and its various evolutions during the daytime, or maybe Caterpie and its evolutions during the night (or vice versa); doing that would be a nice way to include Cascoon, Silcoon, and Metapod chilling near their pre-evolved forms, and maybe on a second or third level, we could see Beautifly, Dustox, and/or Butterfree. Who knows, maybe there's a turf war between the two Bug Pokémon groups, or maybe they're just living there peacefully, or maybe they're vulnerable to nearby nests of Taillow and Swellow. Just something like that where it's the same stage, but a new route where you can add in more Pokémon that fit in with the environment.
5) Updating the Maxed Level Aspect: Maybe they could do something more with the maxed level post-game, too (or instead) by treating the MAX level as an actual level option you can pick when you select the stage. In my opinion, when you finally reach MAX level, it doesn't really do much overall since it doesn't change anything - there are no new Pokémon behaviors or interactions, no new Pokémon introduced (I could be wrong, but, to my knowledge, the legendaries and mythicals are introduced post-game provided you're on level 2 or 3, I believe?). I just think it would be neat if it was instead adapted into more of a level 4 (or 3 in some cases) where there were actual changes in terms of Pokémon interactions, even if it's just changing up a few Pokémon behaviors as opposed to every single one within the specific stage. It's a thought for what could be done to add replayability is all.
For an example, I'll stick with the Park: say on MAX level during the day, you start off and you're greeted by Scorbunny, Grookey, and hey, why not Sobble altogether (since Sobble is one of the Pokémon I feel has the worst photo opportunities in the whole game), sort of like how Grookey and Pichu greet you all adorably in level 3. But, they're more on the side so they don't halt the NEO-One, and they stick around for a bit longer so you can interact with them more. Bouffalant can still be around, but, what if instead Torterra are grazing close by while the Bouffalant are in the distance, so that way you get some time to interact with Torterra during the day when it's awake? These are rough thoughts, of course, but, there's a lot of potential for ways to expand on what they have at work.
6) A Slowdown Option: Like everything on this list, this could be a 'just me' thing, but, I would love for a way to slow the NEO-One down, like an anti-turbo. That may sound odd or offputting to some (and I'd understand why), but I feel that far too often, there is a finite amount of time to get certain photos during a run. Things happen fast, and even with burst mode being helpful, there are times where it seems like you'll bypass a great photo opportunity because even at normal speed or zoomed in, you most too fast or the Pokémon is too slow. This is annoying to me in the Forest, Undersea, and especially in the Cave (my least favorite stage). That's why I'd love for a way to slow down; it could be something you can toggle on or off, it could be a thing where you click a button that isn't turbo, or, maybe even you can switch between turbo and the slowdown somehow. I just feel it would be useful for folks like me who would like to slow themselves down to better nab some photos.
7) Not Needing to Redo Things to Access Alternate Routes: I feel like I'm not alone in this one, but, I for one hate how you have to constantly do the same steps in order to access certain routes. The Cave is particularly annoying with this given the two routes you need to do the same things for every time, and the same could be said for accessing Lugia's den in Undersea, and so on. The Forest could apply as well with the need to play music every time to satisfy Trevenant, for the matter. I understand needing to do it the first time around to see how to get through to the path, but, I honestly believe one time should be enough since other alternate paths don't require you to redo the same things over and over after the fact.
8) Scan Icon Repetition: Similarly to the above, the constant pop-up of scan icons gets grating after a while - honestly, I feel like if you've scanned it once, it should be registered and then you don't have to scan it again, and it shouldn't pop up every single time you go into the level. I don't see a reason for it.
And that, I think, is long enough. I apologize for the massive slog of text, but, I wanted to get my thoughts out when I had the chance. I understand if folks disagree with the ideas posed, of course, and I welcome additional thoughts or other ideas on things you'd love to see, too. :D
Thank you!
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2021.10.27 18:46 Front-War-9129 32 [M4R] looking for regular chat buddy

Looking for daytime and evening chat buddy. Looking for some excitement in the day!
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2021.10.27 18:46 awritra Clubbing solo seems to be a good idea for me i guess

me and my buddies used to hit up a baclub every Saturday (we are all 18 years old btw). Recently ive come to realize going out with them isnt as much fun anymore. my wingman is now in a relationship so hes busy with his own stuff. two other friends of mine just like to sip on drinks all night long. the other 4 of them go the to bar just to play arcade games and shit meanwhile me and possibly my other friend (only very possibly if he feels like it) are the only ones actively looking to meet people and have fun on the dance floor.
Ive been considering going out with my other friends to change things up but i dont think they'll be any different, plus i like the going out solo would probably force me to make like minded friends at the bar.
so having said all that do you think going out solo is a better idea or am i just a little to hyped up?
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2021.10.27 18:46 in_case_of_fire_10 Im looking but I am surprised this movie, Us by Jordan Peele, hasn't been discussed in this community. Id like to see a video or discussion about how many conspiracy theories this movie uses. Hollow earth, urban elevators, caverns/tunnel systems, entity merging, human biocapital, etc....

Im looking but I am surprised this movie, Us by Jordan Peele, hasn't been discussed in this community. Id like to see a video or discussion about how many conspiracy theories this movie uses. Hollow earth, urban elevators, caverns/tunnel systems, entity merging, human biocapital, etc.... submitted by in_case_of_fire_10 to wendigoon [link] [comments]

2021.10.27 18:46 coffeeaddict001 An Exhaustive Guide to the Best Drip Coffee Makers We've Ever Tested - Yahoo Lifestyle

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2021.10.27 18:46 cool_cryptoboy Is this a clue? I just saw this on safemoon.education website

Is this a clue? I just saw this on safemoon.education website Is something big coming?
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2021.10.27 18:46 Wattsy8211 24hr volume

24 hr volume is higher than market cap, explain like I'm a 5 year old please someone?
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2021.10.27 18:46 steve-the-bandit1 Is there a way to reset the day in phoenix Wright: ace attorney trilogy

So I’m playing case 5 (rise from the ashes) and I think I softlocked myself because I made a save before presenting evidence that gant is the killer and turns out that’s the wrong option and now can’t go back, please tell me I can reset the day
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2021.10.27 18:46 blaX20 patience

step 1 out of 5
I went from group 13 to group 5
no emails yet, keeping hope.
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2021.10.27 18:46 ROOKMAINxd Spooky

Raza ya que se acerca día de muertos pasen sus experiencias para normales con suerte el mamón del mauu las mira like para que Fernan lo vea
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